Orion Healing

Orion Healing is of spiritual philosophy and could best be described as “focused thought and prayer bringing healing and transformation through unconditional love”.

Maree was born with gifts and has been using her intuitive abilities with the Orion Healing since 2002.    
Combining the two together brings about spontaneous physical, spiritual and emotional healing on all levels.
Orion Healing is an attainable miracle for your life.
The time spent with this brings a feeling of inner warmth and completeness.


Is your life how you would like it? 

● Is there confussion?
● Is there a knot that just wont untangle?
● Is there repeat patterns?
● Are you stuck not knowing what's holding you back
● Do you need a miracle


There are layers on the conscious and subconscious mind that run in the back ground, and not always in our best interest. 

●  We carry patterns of beliefs, ideas and thoughts.
●  Ties to past relationships
●  Ties to old believes
●  DNA dysfunctions
● Disruption from past life.
●  Addictions and loss of control.


Help with clearing the pitfalls that can be in the way of our path of evolution

●  Miracles empower and uplift people.
●  At times help is needed by people that have sight into the spiritual realm. 
●  Maybe you don't have the energy to make change and help is needed. 


We all need miracles every now and then.

● Maybe to remove and replace negative emotions.
● Repeat feelings and thoughts that no longer serve us and wish for positive and beneficial ones.
● Once changes are made on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels.    Shifts automatically start to take place with the person.

First appintment is one and half hours

What kind of things will be or could be
addressed in a typical appointment?

Soul fragment work

Throughout our life we are exposed to loses of many kinds and with each sequence of event sometimes a part of our innercore can be lossed or stays behind.
This soul fragment work commands that all parts are cleansed and returned back to the person. This brings a feeling of inner warmth and completeness.

Checking for attachments

Attacks and psychic hooks will be removed when required.

Changing our way of thinking?

Programs/pattens/beliefs can be changed when they are no longer required eg. anger, fear, sadness, loneliness.

What is around me?

Checking for entities, way-wards, spirits, creatures and others and cleared if required.   When Maree sees any of these it is discussed with client.
● how long it has been with you, 
● what energy it carries
● how it has been affecting you
● how it got there
● how it will be released

Could there be a curse?

Maree is checking for
● curses    ● oaths     ● vows    If there is anything, this is discussed with the client and removed if that's what person wishes.

DNA Shifting

Genetic health tendencies can be tracked and looked at and changed for better outcomes.

Cancer and diseases

Locating the trigger seed that feeds the abnormal cell/disease on an emotional, mental spiritual level. Cancer shields shattered on an energetic level.  

Binding Energies

Energies that bind can still be attached to people years after the incident.
Not every person has these.   Orion healing is accustomed to clients needs.

Boundaries, Barriers and Beliefs

Pulling boundaries and barriers that don’t serve anymore and putting correct/healthy ones in.  
Belief energies that are causing harm on any level to be pulled, cleansed with God's divine light.  eg. Feelings of anger and not knowing where it has come from.


● Viruses      
●  bacteria  
● fungal  
●  mold  
are to be brought into the light. 

Past Life

Sometimes we are born with emotional challenges from a previous life time.
Trauma in this life can be the trigger for unresolved experences in another life time. This is usually the case when the truma in this life time stays with the person well after a good time frame.
Even viewing things on TV can make you feel very uncomfortable and yet you have not been exposed to that experience in this life time.  Most often your soul remembers the feelings but your mind doesn't have the sight.  
In this life we can recall the wedding/funeral with pictures (sightfrom our eyes) in our minds then as we remember the events we start to feel the emotions.  

You are unique

Maree has never seen two people the same.
Your experience with the Orion healing will be different to each other due to your experences in this life, your gens and your past life experiences.

This healing gives us help with clearing the pitfalls that can be in the way of our path of evolution.

Orion healing will give you extra energy,
vitality,   a feeling of wholeness,
inner strength and peace. 

Foot Bliss mission statement is to provide quality therapies to encourage and trigger the body’s natural self healing powers for clients.   Foot Bliss will provide an atmosphere of unconditional love and space for their journey of life to come back on track and walk out ready to start a fresh.    
A promise of Bliss. 

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