Foot Joint Mobilisation

Foot Joint Mobilisation is a 10 min sequence that encourages the bones of the feet back into alignment.  This then takes the pressure off the feet and helps to correct the structural imbalances of the body.
Foot Joint Mobilisation aims to improve mobility and performance from infants to the elderly, from walkers to triathlons, school children to workers, weather you are on your feet all day or running up mountains we need our feet working well for us.


Training for Maree

Maree Gifkins was fortunate enough to be trained in Foot Joint Mobilisation when Dr Lampell was in Auckland in 1994. Maree had Dr Lampell’s full attention on her feet as she had the worst flat feet of those in the class. Maree had been experiencing lower back pain for the past two years.
While still in the class,
* Maree’s feet started to feel stronger in the arches,  
* the back pain started to lift,
* the nervous system also started to relax.
Maree started to feel several other minor irritations leave as the treatments carried on.
* Her mind was feeling peaceful and it wasn’t that everybody else changed,
it was the healing energy cleansing flow that came from within.

Realising that there was something very potent in this therapy Maree proceeded in using Foot Joint Mobilisation in her clinic and still after 25 years finds it is an enjoyable, non-complicated, non-invasive therapy. 


Miracle Therapy

Maree has seen many miracles with Foot Joint Mobilisation and still is to this day.
Some people say it has a touch of magic to it.


Safe and Effective

A safe surgical-free technique to amend abnormalities in the structure of the feet. This 10 minute Technique is not painful, it is not massage, reflexology or using pressure points. It is encouragement of the bones to return to their original position. 


Plates, pins, screws?

Any persons who have already received surgical treatment to alleviate any foot condition will need their case to be discussed with Maree, as this therapy may not be suitable. This includes: plates, pins, screws that are still in the foot and certain surgical bunion corrections.



Contraindication* for Foot Joint Mobilisation are broken bones, fractures and stress fractures of the foot. Sudden unknown swelling which is not an injury, must be sort out by your Doctor and when healed then Maree is able to bring about more flexibility for the foot.
*Contraindication is a condition or factor that serves as a reason to withhold a certain treatment. 

Lets look at some foot issues.
Do you need help with?

Spending large amounts of time on the feet, ill-fitting shoes, shoes that are worn out which tips the foot on angles putting strain on tendons/muscles and ligaments.

Pain in the back of the heel may suggest a problem with the Achilles tendon. The injury can be sudden or a nagging daily pain (tendinitis).

Age, wear and tear cause the cartilage in the feet to wear out.
Symptoms can be pain, swelling, and deformity in the feet.

A bony prominence next to the base of the big toe that may cause the big toe to turn inward. May be a sharp pain in the joint but not always.

A build-up of tough skin over an area of frequent friction or pressure on the feet due to any of the 28 bones when misaligned. Calluses usually develop on the balls of the feet or the heels and may be uncomfortable.


The joint of a toe may become unable to straighten, causing the toe to point down. Abnormal contraction of the toe joints, causing a claw/hammer-like appearance. Toes can be painful but it’s the irritation in the shoes that is uncomfortable mostly.

Corns typically have a cone shape with a point, and can be painful.

People with diabetes are vulnerable to low nerve function and low circulation of the feet. Foot Joint Mobilisation helps to stimulate the circulation as well as the nerves in the feet.

Pain and inflammation in the ball of the foot, standing on your feet for long periods of time or strenuous activity are the usual causes.

The arches of the feet flatten during standing or walking.  Foot Joint Mobilisation helps to realign the structure and the muscles start to tone and hold the bones in place again.

This usually affects the second toe. The joint of a toe may become unable to straighten, causing the toe to point down.
FJM mobilises all the joints in the toe allowing the body to reabsorb the calcification and thus the toe, bit by bit startes to straighten again.


An abnormal growth of bone in the heel, which may cause severe pain during walking or standing.   FJM allows the bones to realign which then allows the calcification to be reabsorbed back into the body thus then pain goes away.

Is the opposite of flat foot.

A growth consisting of nerve tissue often between the third and fourth toes.
A neuroma may cause pain, numbness, and burning.  FJM realigns the bones thus most often takes pressure of the Neuroma.

Pronation is the flattening out of the arch when the foot strikes the ground.   The excessive stress on the body can overcompensate for this pronation and shift the ankle towards the outside causing the ankle to roll over. Supination is the opposite motion of pronation.

Inflammation in the plantar fascia along the bottom of the foot.
Symptoms can be pain in the heel/balls/arch or all of these areas.  FJM achieves 95% success with Plantar Fasciitis. The major pain is gone in 5 treatments and then gets better and better. When treatments are completed Maree does not see the client again for many years.

Sciatica is typically caused by general compression or irritation of the spinal nerve. Symptoms only manifest on one side of the body, lower back pain, buttock pain, numbness or weakness in various parts of the leg. The pain may radiate below the knee, but does not always.
Using FJM Maree has found that sciatica is relieved very quickly and stays away.


Shins throb and ache after your daily run or just sprinting to catch the bus.  FJM allows the Tibia and Fibia to come back to their correct position on the calcaniceus.

Feet edema can be due to misalignment of the feet but can also be a sign of heart, kidney, or liver problems, do check with the doctor to eliminate these factors and then come and talk with Maree she enjoys helping you to get ankles and feet back on track.

A bony prominence next to the base of the little toe that may cause rubbing on shoes.


This is not a beauty treatment and does not make any promise of perfect feet, but offers an improvement and a level of comfort from
the present state.

Hand Mobilisation

Are you sick and tired of fingers not doing what you want.
Stop them from getting worse, get them working again.



We need flexibility in our hands to grasp a cup or to use a knife and a fork.  To tighten a screw or to be able to knit again.   Maree enjoys working with people to get the desired results and enjoying day to day activities again.


Reduce pain

We are using our hands hourly on various activities during the day.  When in pain all activities are so much harder. This is drug free pain relief help.   


Reduce swollen joints

As the pressure comes off the joints swelling and tenderness decreases. Flexibility comes back and jobs get done again.



Losing the strength in your hands or wrists is annoying at any age.  Hand Mobilisation gives you back more strength and easier fine motor finger skills.  It's not just unscewing jars it's also all the other jobs.



Arthritis is never nice.  Maree works with your level of pain to reduce and restore your day to day activities.                               


90% success

20 min appointment twice a week for average of 4 weeks.

Foot Bliss mission statement is to provide quality therapies to encourage and trigger the body’s natural self healing powers for clients.   Foot Bliss will provide an atmosphere of unconditional love and space for their journey of life to come back on track and walk out ready to start a fresh.    
A promise of Bliss. 

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