Foot Bliss mission statement is to provide quality therapies to encourage and trigger the body’s natural self healing powers for clients.   Foot Bliss will provide an atmosphere of unconditional love and space for their journey of life to come back on track and walk out ready to start a fresh.    

A promise of Bliss.

Foot Joint Mobilisation


Maree Gifkins was fortunate enough to be trained in Foot Joint Mobilisation when Dr Lampell was in Auckland in 1994.   Maree had Dr Lampell’s full attention on her feet as she had the worst flat feet of those in the class.   Maree had been experiencing lower back pain for the past two years. 

While still in the class, Maree’s feet started to feel stronger in the arches and the back pain started to lift, the nervous system had started to relax.  Maree started to feel several other minor irritations leave as the treatments carried on.  Her mind was feeling peaceful and it wasn’t that everybody else changed, it was the healing energy cleansing flow that came from within.    Realising that there was something very potent in this therapy Maree proceeded in using Foot Joint Mobilisation in her clinic and still after 20 years finds it is an enjoyable, non-complicated, non-invasive therapy.

Maree has seen many miracles with Foot Joint Mobilisation and still is to this day.    Some people say it has a touch of magic to it.  


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Reflexology on

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Maree started her Reflexology journey in 1990.  In 1991 my youngest son was born, I was so glad I knew reflexology as I needed to use this wonderful technique on my 3 day old son.  Reflexology cleared his yellow jaundice within days.  Reflexology aided the body to help re-balance its self even thou it was under a lot of stress.    I was also able to help another mother whom had trouble with a 3 day old boy not able to urinate due to a blockage, this was done with reflexology and no intervention by medical procedures.

Reflexology is the application of specific pressure by the practitioner’s hands, thumbs, and fingers to reflex points in the client’s feet or hands.

Appointments can vary from 30-60 minutes depending on the style of Reflexology practised and wellness level of client.  Considerations for babies, children, elderly and the very sick requires lighter pressure and shorter duration.


Orion Healing

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With growing scientific evidence that toxic emotion can contribute to disease and low energy.  The awareness that emotions starts the journey of freedom. We need to increase positive thoughts and with this change it will influence the body to create optimum health.  

Orion healing is best known for the miracles on so many levels; core, gene, history, and soul.

We know that on conscious & subconscious levels, we carry patterns of beliefs, ideas and thoughts, which prevent us from being as complete as we could be.   

  • Ties to past relationships
  • Ties to old believes
  • Ties to gene dysfunctions
  • Disruption from past life
  • Addictions and loss of control

Miracles empower people with the ability to remove and replace negative emotions, feelings and thoughts with positive, beneficial ones.  Once this activation happens changes take place automatically on all levels with the person.