Foot Bliss mission statement is to provide quality therapies to encourage and trigger the body’s natural self healing powers for clients.   Foot Bliss will provide an atmosphere of unconditional love and space for their journey of life to come back on track and walk out ready to start a fresh.    

A promise of Bliss.

Hand Mobilisation

Foot Joint Mobilisation is a 10 min sequence that encourages the bones of the feet back into alignment.  This then takes the pressure off the feet and helps to correct the structural imbalances of the body. Foot Joint Mobilisation aims to improve mobility and performance from infants to the elderly, from walkers to triathlons, school children to workers that are on their feet all day.

Reflexology creates breathing space to trigger the body’s natural self healing powers.  Sometimes we need help after stress, illness or injuries, to restore balance quickly. Reflexology is the most non-invasive helpful therapy of precision pressure movements on the feet, that allows the whole body to relax and de-stress.   Reflexology is for new born to the retired.

Orion Healing is of spiritual philosophy and could best be described as “focused thought and prayer bringing healing and transformation through unconditional love”.  Using intuitive abilities in ‘Theta” that can be used to bring about spontaneous physical and emotional healing on all levels, Orion can be most easily described as an attainable miracle for your life. The time spent with this brings a feeling of inner warmth and completeness.

The three most popular

treatments are:

 Foot Joint Mobilisation


Orion Healing

Structural System

Internal System

Spiritual System

Good health starts with these systems

Which of these would you like to have help with?

Is your life going how you would like it?

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Short video on a customers experience with Reflexology

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Short video on a customers experience with Orion Healing


Ear Candles

Chi Nei Tsang


For 23 years Maree has helped people get there lives back on track. “I love what I do”

Pauline’s experience with

Foot Joint Mobilisation.

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